Our Leaders

is crucial.

Many heads are better than one.

Meet Awesome’s key leaders who day in and day out are defining and directing our ongoing growth and shaping the future of the photography industry.

Don MacAskill
Founder, CEO, and Chief Geek

Awesome since 2002

Ben MacAskill
President and COO

Awesome since 2003

Jill Shapiro
Chief People Officer

Awesome since 2010

Alex Seville
General Manager, Flickr

Awesome since 2013

Scott Kinzie
VP, Marketing and Business Development

Awesome since 2017

Cosmo Rahn
General Manager, SmugMug

Awesome since 2018

Stephanie McVey

Awesome since 2020

George Oates
Executive Director, Flickr Foundation

Awesome since 2021

Kiran Lachumanna
VP, Global Sales

Awesome since 2022

Smrithi Mohan
General Counsel

Awesome since 2023